Writing Groups

We write, we read, we feedback.

Why attend a writing group
Every last writer you admire has gotten feedback about their work from people they respect (and maybe some they didn’t). Getting thoughtful criticism and encouragement from other writers can only be a good thing. Whether it pushes you to dig deeper, change tenses and point of view, or get to the heart and soul of your story, attending a writing group can help you keep motivated and on track to reaching your writing goals.

The people
We could be described as an informal bunch so criticism can take many forms but should be constructive and supportive. You don’t have to be an expert – everyone is welcome.

The format
We run multiple groups of all fiction genres and levels of experience. All writing groups meet every 2 weeks and are limited to 8 participants. Once you’re admitted into a writing group, you’re asked to submit something about 5 days in advance of the session. This could be a short story, poem, novel extract or flash fiction (max. 1000 words). In return, you’ll receive the work from your writing group peers and be asked to provide thoughtful and meaningful feedback.

Whether meeting online or in-person, sessions generally last for 2 hours, with a 15 minute verbal feedback round per person. Following the session, you’ll receive written feedback collected from your peers and delivered straight to your inbox.

Ready to join a Strange Birds writing group?

If you’re interested in a writing group, please join our Meetup group and send an email to team@wearestrangebirds.com. We’re looking for writers interested in committing to their groups, though it’s totally fine if you need to skip sessions now and then!

Not ready for a writing group? Join the Strange Birds MeetUp community anyway and we’ll keep you updated on other events.