The Platypuses Fiction Group

Open genre feedback group – every other Thursday

The Platypuses are a publically open group run through our MeetUp page. We generally deal with fiction though we’ve had the odd memoirist drop in and out. We are genre-agnostic and have a couple of people writing realist fiction, but the majority of our authors at the moment are focussing on fantasy, sci-fi and horror. Many of our members are working on novels so we’ve got a strong contingent of regulars. You’re always welcome to join the waitlist or reach out to the host Emil via MeetUp if you’re curious to know more.

The hosts

Emil Čolić is a Yugoslavia-born, Australia-raised, Amsterdam-dwelling Kiwi. During the day he works as a Copy and Game Writer. At night, he writes short fiction, and helps run Strange Birds, he also does a bunch of our branding.

See Emil’s publications on his site →