Papegaaien In-Person Fiction Group

Every other Tuesday, 8-10:30 p.m. in Amsterdam

The trouble with friends is that most friends don’t read, so you get them to look through your shiny new manuscript, and they give you terrible feedback. Our group is definitely less terrible! We’ve got folks working on novels, some short stories and one film script at the mo. We have a 2000 word submission max which helps you get through those longer pieces at a good clip. We’re an open group, so RSVP on MeetUp. Luc is pretty shit at Meetup, so you might also want to WhatsApp him: +316-1661-6951. We meet in real life in the centre of Amsterdam

The hosts

Luc Upson is an Amsterdam based Kiwi and is just polishing off his second novel. He’s never published anything, but he does drink a lot which seems to compensate.

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