The Crows Spoken Word Group

Spoken word poetry group – every other Thursday

The Crows are a fortnightly critique group on Thursday evenings for spoken word artists looking to share their work and receive constructive written and verbal feedback. We’re open to all genres, forms and styles of spoken word.

If you’re in doubt as to the definition of spoken word, you’re not alone. It is a broad blanket that covers a range of forms. Though some spoken word is published on the page, the genre has its roots in oral traditions and performance. Spoken word can encompass or contain elements of rap, hip-hop, storytelling, theatre, and jazz, rock, blues, and folk music. The form is characterised by rhyme, repetition, improvisation and word play. We welcome any contribution that lands in this vast basket.

Don’t worry if you’re new to spoken word or have never been part of a writer’s group; it’s important to us that we create a safe and supportive environment for emerging writers looking to help each other improve. Simply come prepared to perform, introduce and discuss your work with an open mind.

You can join one of our events on the Strange Birds MeetUp page.

The hosts

Lachlan Brooksbank-Laing (he/him/his) is a Yorkshire-born poet with Scottish roots. What began as an angry young man writing political rap, grew with work into a love of words. Though spoken word remains his primary form, he has since expanded into poetry, short stories and lyrics. Lachlan regularly runs open mics around Amsterdam and is in the process of publishing a collection with Smokestack Books.

Alexander Cromer (he/him/his) is a spoken word artist living in Leiden. He is currently researching the interactions between spoken word performer and audience for a PhD. His work has been published by the Finnish Cultural Institute, and premiered at the Dutch National Opera House, Paradiso (Ams), De Marktkantine (Ams).